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Lyndsey Johnson

For more than a decade, I’ve been a successful marketer, writer and speaker. My communication skills have enabled me to better understand others on an interpersonal level and help them recognize their romantic preferences, self-worth, and intentions. I have also personally been victim to the mistakes modern online daters are making, so I am not some married lady that hasn’t dated in 10 years here to give you therapy. I, unfortunately, know exactly what I’m talking about.

As a result of my communicative expertise and unimpressive encounters, I have a unique perspective on exactly what people need to successfully navigate today’s modern online dating scene and find love.  I’ll give you real, straight-forward advice that works. Dating is not about searching for “the one,” it’s about deciding that now is the time to offer the best version of yourself to someone deserving of it.

And don’t think you’re alone. Maybe you’ve been too busy to date. Maybe you’re freshly back at square one after a break-up. Maybe you’re just not comfortable diving into the dating world alone. Whatever the case may be, I meet so many attractive, intelligent and educated men and women who lack the fundamental skills necessary to be successful with dating today. I’m passionate about helping my clients with straight-forward relationship coaching and finding the right words for your profile.