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Should you hire a Dallas Dating Coach?

couple happily dating Dallas Dating Coach

Have you noticed that love is the one thing everyone wants (eventually) but not everyone finds? I say eventually because not everyone is at the same point in their dating journey. Have you ever considered if you need a Dallas dating coach? Regardless of who you are, your ethnicity, religion, income level, or job, everyone everywhere is online dating. Does it seem like the more options that are out there: ChristianMingle, Match, E-Harmony, etc. that it becomes harder and harder to date? If you live in Dallas there is no exception to this, and in fact, to me seems harder to date. Dallas has a lot of singles but very few Dallas dating coaches.

Have you found yourself taking a break from online dating? Does it seem like a chore just to keep up with the messages but you’re not finding the men or women you’re really looking for? Maybe it is time that you seriously consider hiring a dating coach to help. While this post talks about Dallas (because that is where I am based) it really applies to any big city dating challenges.

What is a Dallas dating coach exactly?

When you live in Dallas it may feel like you have already tried everything possible. Going out in Uptown, speed dating, blind dates from friends, and of course all of the dating apps. The truth is that hiring a Dallas dating coach is one of the best decisions that you can make if you are serious about finding love.

What does a dating coach do exactly and how are they going to help you? Good question, a dating coach is a lot like a business coach or a personal trainer. You have an end goal and need an expert to tailor a plan to get you there. I first get to know you on a personal level so I can figure out what dating challenges you are facing. There can be a variety of factors holding you back from meeting someone great. I’ll ask you plenty of questions – are you lacking in your replies to matches? Can your profile be enhanced (I can tell you 99% of the time this answer is yes)? Are you making yourself available for dates and so on. These are the areas I dive into so as your Dallas dating coach I can put a plan together to get you out there on dates with the right matches. Every client has different needs but ultimately my clients are all looking for the same thing in the end – our journey together will be unique to you.

Let’s talk a little about what a Dallas dating coach is not. I am not a match maker. I am a lot more like Hitch than Patti Stanger. I’ll improve your dating skills, I’ll even review your matches and pick some of the ones I think are best for you, but I don’t have a database of single people to hook you up with… maybe some cute single friends.

Dating coaches help pick the best dating avenue

You’re probably already on a dating site or have tried one before. Maybe you’re on two or three different sites. How did you decide to pick that specific site? Because they had the best TV commercials? Your friend showed you their Tinder matches one day? Each dating site has a different purpose and is for a different audience. I probably know about dating sites you’ve never even heard of. Not all sites are geared to the same audience. I can assure you that if you’re over 45 you should not be on Tinder or Bumble.

There are ways to meet people outside of traditional dating sites too and I’ll explore those options with you as well. There are very active meet up groups here in Dallas that cater to a variety of interests that take pressure off going on date after date but broadens your people network. Some people just simply don’t like to spend the time emailing and searching on traditional dating sites and that’s ok. Ultimately, I’m going to make recommendations for you that will give you the best results for your situation.

A Dallas dating coach can help you find better matches

Always meeting the same type of men (or women) and it never works out? Has it ever occurred to you that maybe you are attracting a certain type of person? Maybe that type of person is not right for you. A Dallas dating coach can understand the difference between your needs vs. wants and opens your eyes to more compatible matches. I’m not saying if you’re into fitness and you want to date someone who will go to the gym with you that you have to give up hope on finding them. I’m simply saying that we might have to broaden the search outside of competitor body builders.

Do you know if you are a good date?

Do you go on a lot of first dates but rarely second dates? As a Dallas dating coach I can help determine your bad habits and help you break them. A first date is not the time to talk about your recent divorce, your financial problems or any of the reasons your ex dumped you. I know you’re reading this thinking who does that… but let me tell you… a lot of people. Anyone listen to second date update on 96.3 KSCS? If you don’t you need to listen to it. I hear about the cringe-worthy things people do on their first date. Have you ever asked your date for bail money? Or been on a date where you got left? It happens.

Sometimes it is as simple as de-briefing on your last night’s date. I like to talk through what went well (or not so great). But, if you want a more extensive date evaluation then a Mock Date is definitely something to consider.

Let’s be honest, finding true love in Dallas can be exceptionally difficult. It may be easy to have a one night stand. But as we get older often-times we want more than that. According to the Huffington Post Dallas is of the top seven cities in the entire country with the lowest percentage of married women. I guess that’s good if you’re a man looking for single women. But it’s also a city full of tons of single people that are struggling with dating. Hiring a Dallas dating coach can help you improve your dating life.