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Not sure where to begin or what you need exactly? Perhaps you’re a seasoned dater and want specific date coaching or mentoring. Maybe you just need help planning the perfect date or want to debrief on last night’s date. These are perfect reasons to have a dating coach by your side – via phone, skype, text, email, or in person – no matter what issue might arise.

I will determine what your dating goals are by getting to know you on an individual basis. I’ll inspire you to achieve a more successful dating life. Rather than simply focus on pairing you off, my goal is to develop your personal brand as an online dater, and as a person, to make you more attractive and confident. We will work together on your dating profile and your matches. We may take a deep dive into your dating experiences, flirting techniques, communication abilities, self-esteem, and physical appearance, as they all play a crucial role in the dating process.

If it’s date planning you need help with consider me your personal dating concierge. We’ll discuss your ideal date and use that to formulate multiple, unique, romantic suggestions for you next big outing. Read More

Have you ever wondered if you were a good date? Are you going on a lot of first dates but not second dates? The Mock Date is a great opportunity for me to assess you in a natural date environment. Read More



  • Personal dating coach
  • Date planning
  • Mock date
  • Dating experiences
  • Flirting techniques
  • Communication abilities
  • Physical appearance assessment
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