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Do you need help brainstorming date ideas? If it’s date planning you need help with consider me your personal dating concierge. We’ll discuss your ideal date and use that to formulate multiple, unique, romantic suggestions for you next big outing. I understand that preferred dates can vary from a casual cup of coffee to a night on the town and I want you to feel comfortable, have fun, and relax on your night out.

Need reservations – we’ll make them. Maybe you want to take her out for a beer – we’ll find the best microbrewery. Want to send flowers after your second or third date – we’ll order them. Want to hear a band or some live music? We’ll provide you with options. We take the complexity out of the dating process and streamline your plans to ensure a worry-free, smooth dating experience from start to finish. After all, you may be meeting “the one” — you have enough to think about.

Have you ever wondered if you were a good date? Are you going on a lot of first dates but not second dates? The Mock Date is a great opportunity for me to assess you in a natural date environment. You will plan a one hour date in the Dallas metroplex and I will show up and act naturally in my role as “your date.”

Afterwards, I will set up a follow-up call within 24 hours and provide you my honest feedback and observations in the form of a post-date report. As your dating coach, I will give you genuine feedback regarding my first impressions, your body language, communication, conversation flow, confidence, image and style, flirting ability, and much more. I will also assess your physical date selection from its location to the overall theme (coffee, dinner, drinks, skydiving, etc.). The post-date report will detail areas in which you can improve and areas in which you are excelling.