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Signs Your New Boo is Pulling a Slow Fade


If you’ve been out of the dating pool a while, but you may not know what ghosting is. It’s not a new kink where you dress up in sheets and hook up ghost style—that has some potential, at least. Nope, ghosting someone involves just fading away, basically. You’re rolling along with someone you just met, flirting so hard through text messages that you’re giving yourself carpal tunnel, and you’re sure things are going along just great, but then … nothing. Radio silence. You’re suddenly left with an inbox full of promising emojis. It’s like you weren’t even dating anyone. The problem is that the signs of ghosting are sometimes subtle, so if you’re unsure about the potential pull-back of your prospective partner, see if any of these tactics sound familiar.

Your Inbox Dries Up Like the Desert

How do you go from texting back and forth all day and halfway through the night to absolutely nothing? Who even does that? Out of nowhere, he takes forever to answer, or else he “forgets” to respond. You know what’s worse? If he turns on his read receipts but doesn’t answer you… seriously people just turn off read receipts altogether! If that ever happens, just cut your losses now. You might think outright asking what the eff is up is an option, right? Nah, not usually. He’ll double-down with some BS excuses before admitting that he’s just not interested anymore. Why? Why?!

Suddenly Always “Busy”

This is one of the subtlest signs that you’re being ghosted because it’s often so plausible. Who doesn’t have a busy work week? Who doesn’t get sick? But when you see your latest interest posting 100 photos of their dog fluffy or they are spending a good chunk of their day perfecting their use of Snapchat filters and you can’t even get a reply …

This is what I like to call the slow fade.

All of Your Plans Are Open-Ended

There are no real confirmations. There’s a reason for that, which I’ll get to in just a second. Every time you try to make plans, it’s all about, “I’ll see you soon,” or, “I’m traveling this week for work.” If he isn’t Platinum status with the airline it’s a sure sign he’s just not that into making plans with you. Refusing to make any real plans is a sure sign that this new person is busy pulling it back. The first time he doesn’t show up without texting, calling, sending a carrier pigeon, or floating smoke signals, you’re dating a ghost. He’s gone. He’s a poltergeist. And for the record, if he no shows, ever, move on. Next.

No Calls, Either

It’s possible that you don’t call each other a lot anyway. The phone is basically an archaic form of communication these days. All the same, someone who’s intent on ghosting you goes from calling, even randomly or sporadically, to never picking up the phone. On the off-chance that you do call, those calls go straight to voicemail every time—and nope, no call-backs.

Out of nowhere, your would-be boo exists in a dead zone. Facebook Messenger doesn’t work, no more funny filtered snaps for you, but they always seem to have time for an IG post of them at the gym, grocery store or just lazing on their couch.


Blocking is fairly unmistakable proof that you just got ghosted. If this new interest usually posts 1000 things on social media each day and now you don’t see a thing, guess what? Nope, it’s not that he suddenly decided to simplify his life and ditch his social media. He just blocked you instead of dealing with breaking off your budding relationship.

It doesn’t feel great when someone you’re into just stops contacting you. Women and men do it for a variety of reasons, some understandable and others preposterous, but no matter how great the excuse, stop ghosting people.