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Why You Need to Hire a Professional Dating Profile Writer

Dating Profile Writer

Are you new to online dating? A seasoned veteran, but you aren’t getting replies to your messages? Perhaps a busy professional who doesn’t have the time to create the perfect profile? You need to hire a professional dating profile writer. The truth is that dating sites can be daunting with so many options. There are the popular sites like and Plenty of Fish which are fairly straight forward once you get started.  On the other hand, Bumble and Tinder require only photos, while others like eHarmony take quite a while just to fill out their extensive questionnaire.

The one thing all these sites have in common is a general profile area for you to write about yourself. This seems to be the one area that most people struggle with. I have read so many profiles that simply say, “I’ll fill this out later” or “I don’t like to talk about myself just message me.” As a professional dating profile writer, I can honestly say I cringe when I read those profiles.

But I get it, not everyone knows how to effectively market themselves. Yep, I said it “market” yourself. Every person has a personal brand, and when you hire a professional dating profile writer it is my job to help you communicate just that.


Three reasons why you should hire a professional dating profile writer

1. There are no rules to online dating

I am sure you have gotten advice from your friends about online dating. What you’ll start to notice is with online dating there is no rule book. Some people think “short and sweet” gets the job done; others think you need to write an entire novel, including your credit score and date of your divorce. You need to appear confident, but not arrogant. Write about your hobbies, but keep a sense of mystery. Keep it general, but list specific interests. I know how difficult a task it can be to decide on which approach will work for you.

There is no magic formula to write your profile but there is definitely a wrong way. To be honest, the best approach is the one that suits your needs and requirements best. In other words, it depends on your individual circumstances. This is just one of the many reasons why you need a professional dating profile writer to help you.

In the game of online dating everything goes and this entails you to take different factors into consideration: what type of site am I on? What am I looking for? And, how much do I want to disclose before meeting the person?

I’ll take these one at a time – first, the type of dating site you are using matters. And maybe, you are on several. If you’re using Tinder or Bumble you have only a few seconds to catch someone’s attention so your narrative needs to be condensed to highlights. But the fact remains, if someone is on the fence (ahem, about your photos) they will read what you wrote, so say something witty or funny and you’ll get more swipe rights.

The second thing, as a professional dating profile writer, I take into consideration is – what are you specifically looking for? If you are recently divorced and just want to get back out there and you’re looking for something casual, then my approach to your profile is going to be vastly different than if you’re looking for your soul mate.

Not everyone is looking for love so communicating your intentions subtly will make a greater impact on the matches and emails you get. It also filters out people who are not looking for the same thing as you, thus, improving the quality of your connections.

Third, I am going to ask you how much do you communicate before you meet? This is important to a professional dating profile writer because if you are one of those people that wants to meet right away and takes the approach that dating is a numbers game, then your profile needs to read differently. There is no right answer to what your profile needs to say, but it should be genuine to you.

2. We are not all English majors or sales pros

The Huffington Post suggested 6 Tips for Creating the Perfect Online Dating Profile and they emphasized, “Check your spelling and grammar.” They even go as far as saying that typos and careless mistakes can actually turn someone off.

While we can all use spell check, the reality is, we are often writing our profiles from our phone or tablet which makes proofing difficult. Sometimes I wonder what my phone is thinking with the auto correct suggestions. Definitely had an embarrassing moment or two with the dreaded auto correct, but I digress. First impressions really do count. Especially when the only thing that someone looking at your profile has to go on is your writing – well and your looks but that’s for another post.

I can tell between the thousands of profiles I have that read that sales people tend to have the best writing. But people in the medical profession often have the worst. It makes sense, sales people are practicing every day so naturally they tend to be pretty good at selling themselves online. Medical professionals on the other hand, are dealing with patients all day long. I can hardly read my doctor’s handwriting much less trust them to write any sort of effective profile about themselves. I’d much rather they be good at my medical needs and let me handle being their professional dating profile writer.

3. Online dating is competitive

With statistics like over 50 million people in the U.S. currently online dating that means you are competing with 25 million others of your gender (roughly speaking). If you live in a big city, like Dallas, then your competition is stiff. First, you’re competing on looks, education, money and ultimately what you say about yourself. Everything from your user name to your headline is out there for judgment.

One in five dating profiles is based on lies so now you’re up against those that are not really playing fair. Wait, didn’t I say online dating didn’t have any rules? It should!

There may be other profile writing companies, but at Date Mate as a professional dating profile writing service, we put in the extra effort so your profile is unique. You are going to get a profile that is unique and that genuinely sounds like the best version of you.

The bottom line is by hiring a professional dating profile writer you are going to save yourself time and money. After all, it’s likely you’re paying for a monthly dating site subscription, isn’t the point of online dating to get off the site? The better your profile is, the better your chances are of being successful. For more information about how we can help read about our basic dating profile package here.