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Top 6 Reasons to Give Online Dating a Shot

Whether you’ve been too busy to date up until now, you’ve been striking out with every attempt, or you’re just getting back into the dating scene, it’s nerve-wracking enough to put yourself out there to someone who’s mostly a stranger, let alone figure out the best way to meet the right somebody. Today, with one in five relationships starting on an online dating site, chances are you know a couple who met through online dating, and there’s an even more likely chance that they are happy.

You may have your reasons for having not tried online dating up until now and that’s quite alright. There’s a first time for everything after all, isn’t there? Won’t you just consider the following reasons to give online dating a shot? Beyond some time spent filling out some fun, thought-provoking information that could help you discover who and what you’re looking for anyway, what do you really have to lose?

1. They’re Looking For You, Too

If you stick to old-fashioned methods of hoping to meet someone casually at the bar, at the grocery store, in church, or at the gym, you’re failing to narrow down your target demographic. Beyond actually spotting a wedding ring, it’s tough to navigate through those that are already married, happily taken, simply not looking, or paddling on the other side of the lake if-you-know-what-I’m-sayin.

As we’ve already agreed, dating is tough enough. Why should we make it any harder on ourselves?! People on dating sites normally have one general intention in common—the desire to date!
This does NOT count the occasional weirdo who marks off that he’s just there to meet friends. He’s definitely looking to cheat on his significant other and he checked off “seeking friendship” just in case she ever finds his profile. Steer clear.

Plus, maybe you’re not young anymore. Maybe you would rather spend your weekend shopping, fishing, BBQing, whatever! Either way, chances are you have little interest in actually hanging out at the bar hoping to hit on– or be hit on by– someone appealing. If you’d rather be home relaxing, your potential mate is also probably home, pouring a glass of wine, and casually checking his/her dating site for matches. Isn’t that where you should be then, too?

2. See Before You Agree

We all know it’s an absolute blast having our sister-in-law trying to set us up with her co-worker. What’s even more fun is hearing how adorably tall, dark, and handsome he is only to discover he’s more like a pale shrimp in person. Online dating profiles normally feature several photos of your love interest that will allow you to get a good idea of what so-and-so looks like dressed up, on the beach, among family, etc. Bonus: your friends can confirm his/her hotness before the big first date.

3. Who Doesn’t Love Free Stuff?

Most dating sites are either completely free of charge or they offer a free trial period. As a tip, you’re more prone to feel like bait in a shark tank on free sites since anyone and everyone has the opportunity to create a profile there with nothing to lose. If you go this route, you’ll have to weed out some users that are only seeking a fling. Ponying up the dough to join a paid site will allow you to be paired with more genuine potential dates who did the same.

4. Get Outside Your (Demographic) Comfort Zone

Maybe you still live in your hometown. Maybe you moved elsewhere. Either way, chances are that you don’t routinely venture outside of a certain range surrounding your home, office, and frequent hot spots. Alternatively, when you search on online dating sites, you can set a preferred mile range that extends outside your comfort zone. Just think, your soulmate could totally be living just 25 miles from you right now, and you’d never know it just because he or she doesn’t shop at your Whole Foods!

5. Opposites Attract – Sometimes

So, maybe you do meet someone at church and you think you hit it off. You both like to go to church after all, right? So you have at least this is common. It turns out you both also like to cook dinner, go to bed early, and read on the weekends. Sounds great, right? Not so much! How boring may your life become if you attach yourself to someone who is just like you and completely predictable? If it’s true that opposites attract, how will you ever meet someone who has interests that oppose yours if you’ll never be engaging in that activity on your own? What if your soulmate is an avid hiker and you’ve never so much as walked over a hill? Worse, what if you actually may like to hike and you’d never realize this about yourself until someone else brought it out of you? Online dating enhances your opportunity, approachability, and compatibility across the board.

6. Break Free From Dealbreakers

Until bouncers start asking for your profession, ideal mate preferences, and number of children in exchange for showing your ID to enter, you’ll see by meeting people out that they don’t often fit your dating criteria for one reason or another. Maybe they’ve been married more times than you’d like. Maybe their religion differs from yours and you’re not up for a challenge. Maybe their job is too demanding. Maybe they don’t have a job at all (*cough, cough* beware of this on the free sites too *cough, cough*). Luckily, you can fill out your preferences and personal life details—and therefore, read the same of your potential date’s—on online dating sites.

Our time is precious. Why waste it hitting on someone at the grocery store only to realize she was genuinely only interested in the feel of the avocado she asked you about since her BOYFRIEND loves them?
As a bonus, little profile items checked off but not yet discussed before the big date are awesome conversation starters.

Once upon a time, we were all admittedly a little hesitant to shop online and put in our credit card information because we didn’t know who was out there on the crazy internet. Now, stores are literally closing because we’ve all stopped going out to shop and we’ve come to trust the safety and convenience of shopping from home. Why should dating be any different? If you would prefer to continue hoping to meet the right one out and about, it’s fine. You’ll make up the minority that still enjoys heading to one store hoping to find a certain, specific product and often either leaving disappointed or settling for an alternative item. Instead, you could shop online from the comfort of your home and find precisely what you’re looking for. Sometimes, in looking for someone else, you just might find yourself along the way, too.