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What Are You Hiding?

Sorry, I Can’t Trust You If You Only Have One Profile Picture

We’ve all stumbled across it—the dating profile with just one picture (or worse, no pictures). Just a single photograph, which is supposed to tell you everything you need to know. It’s doesn’t. What can you learn from one picture? That someone knows their most flattering angle and their best lighting? If you say something to the person behind the ominous lone photo, you’re usually accused of being superficial and shallow, of placing looks over intelligence or personality, but that’s not the case, completely. In my experience, people with only one photo simply aren’t trustworthy. That sounds harsh, I know, and let me add that I’m also well aware that this isn’t true of every single person who only shares one picture. Still, by and large, I can’t trust you if you only display a single image. I can back up that opinion, though, so hear me out.

Physical Attraction Is Important—Let’s all be Honest

It’s true for women and men, regardless of their age, status, race, or sexuality. We all care about physical attraction. It isn’t the same for everyone, of course—some women go gaga over a man with beautiful eyes, and plenty of men fall for a woman’s smile. Wanting more than one picture doesn’t mean you’re looking for 6-pack abs or a perfect hourglass figure, but it’s fair if you want to see more examples of what somebody’s all about. That doesn’t make you shallow. If you don’t have any photos, or even just one, I’m definitely going to pass before I even read your message.

Catfishing is a Thing we All Have to Worry About

There’s a documentary about it, a TV show, and articles, groups, and forums devoted to tales of catfishing woes. In short, catfishing happens when someone’s masquerading as filet mignon when they’re really more like SPAM. People misrepresent themselves for all sorts of reasons, often to get involved in virtual relationships, but sometimes to exact revenge against someone or to scheme money. It happens surprisingly often, in particular through dating sites and apps.

Can’t Image Stalk on Google Without Images

Doing a reverse image search is one way to out a catfisher, plus sometimes I just want to check out the people I’m talking to, you know? Google is everyone’s friend in that regard. A reverse image search can potentially reveal stolen pictures, but the fewer images on display, the harder it is to prove or disprove. It’s certainly difficult to authenticate someone if they don’t share more than one photo—unless it happens to show up on countless other sites, of course.

Are you Hiding Something?

This is what I wonder every time I spot a profile with just one picture. I hear that some people don’t want their images floating around the Internet, but if you’re on a dating site or an app, then you need to get over the stigma and post your pics. We need to know what you look like. Plus, I pretty much expect you’re married if you are shady about your photos.

Modern Dating Breeds Cynicism and Skepticism

Because of all the scammers, troglodytes, trolls, catfishers, and general bad eggs, anyone who’s done the dating thing online or over their favorite app knows that healthy doses of skepticism and cynicism are necessary. I feel like I’ve earned mine, anyway. Coming across a profile with only one photo just enforces that tendency to err on the side of disbelief. I can assure you that you won’t get quality responses, or matches, if you don’t post good photos.